A Comprehensive Nerium Review

Posted by Ramon Hubbard on December - 10 - 2015 0 Comment

Much has been researched, purported and proven about anti-aging creams and drugs. With advancements in technology, researchers are continually looking for better solutions to various aging symptoms and characteristics. There are several products on the market promoted to defy aging, and while some of them work, others are ineffective and may even result in undesirable side effects. It is, therefore, important to carefully review each product you run into before spending your money.

Nerium Ads is one of the anti-aging creams you will find in the market, and it has been around for quite some time. You will find many nerium reviews some which claim it is unreliable while other marketing it as the best in the market. Here is a descriptive review of the cream including its ingredients, benefits, and concerns:


The main ingredient in the anti aging skin care cream is Nerium oleander j65h4rethat is a naturally occurring plant. The plant was under various research studies when the team discovered its incredible skin care properties and benefits. As studies intensified on the skin benefits, a company Nerium International was born, and a new anti-wrinkle product emerged. Besides Nerium oleander, Aloe Vera is also used. The blend is commercially known as NAE-8, which is the trademark ingredient in the formula.

Benefits and concerns

The serum contains various ingredients such as aloe, skin repair ingredients, plant oil, slip agent, thickeners, Vitamin E, preservatives, and fragrance. All these are known to result in desirable benefits to the skin making it look moist, younger and healthy. However, there are a few claims that users are yet to experience. Nerium should, for instance, treat hyperpigmentation and large pores. There is no published study that determines this and most user reviews testify that the product does not achieve towards such goals. What’s more, Nerium Oleander is a toxic, poisonous plant that should never be consumed orally yet you will apply the cream on your face. These are some of the major concerns critics raise. The only proven benefit is in anti-inflammation although many other plants have the same properties without Nerium’s risks.


7654gFrom Nerium reviews, users have portrayed varying results, and while some have managed to get rid of some wrinkles and aging traits, others still struggle to achieve the same feat. This anti aging skin care cream is effective in improving your skin and getting rid of a few wrinkles in the process. It is, therefore, perfect for those who want a moist, soft skin. However, those who want uniform tone, elimination of all wrinkles and aging characteristics may need an alternative product for a better result.…