lips2What type of lipstick is good for your lips?

This is a common question in the beauty industry. Although women understand the kind of lipstick they wear makes a statement about them, choosing the right lipstick can be a daunting task.

The following are important tips when choosing lipstick for your lips:

Determine your skin tone

The first step in choosing the right lipstick is by identifying your skin tone. Different lipsticks are designed for different skin tone; it is very important to choose the right lipstick that matches your skin tone. Skin contains certain undertones that can either perfectly fit or clash with certain lipstick colors. There are six categories of skin tone;

Very light or white- the skin tone is so much sensitive to the solar and burns easily. The lips often appear red or pink.

Light toned lips- the skin is moderately sensitive to the solar. The lips are less pigmented but easily turn red.

Light intermediate lips- the lips appear neutral and rarely burns.

Olive or dark intermediate lips- the lips take an earthy tone with the common gold and green being the most common undertones.

Dark or brown- dark and brown lips almost never burn. It has warm undertones.

Very dark or black- the skin tone has the most protection against the sun and is rich in undertone.

Know the occasion

Another very important consideration that you should put in mind when wearing lipstick is the event you are attending. You can still look out of place with a lipstick that matches with your skin tone but inappropriate for a certain event. It is good consider when and where lipstick is to be worn; choose the right lipstick that blends well with your skin tone as well as the occasion. For example, berry, beige, peach and pink are the most appropriate daytime colors. Anything very dark will make you look scary. On the other hand, night time is the best moment to glam it up; you can try almost any color that matches with your lip tone and occasion.

The shape of your lipslips

Another very important consideration is the shape of your lips. If you have thin lips, it is good to avoid dark purple, red, dark red, and any shades of brown. You can try pale pink, peach, clear and light beige colors.

For those with full lips, avoid plumping glosses, rather, try small amount of clear gloss.

The following the important tips that will answer your question, what type of lipstick is good for your lips?